Friday, July 4, 2008

Obama's amazing flip-flop on welfare reform

As a Marxist Obama is now pretending to move to the centre. This welfare ad is part of this process. As usual it is a mishmash of half truths.

In 1997 he opposed welfare reform.

This ad fails to spell out Obama’s real position on welfare reform. On August 22, 1996, President Clinton signed a welfare reform bill, officially titled the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. The bill was hammered out as a compromise with the strong support of the Republican-controlled Congress.
Obama's ad is disingenuous. Obama resisted this welfare reform bill.
Senator Obama told the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper in 1996 that Mr. Clinton's stance on welfare was "disturbing".

Obama said on the floor of the Illinois state Senate on May 31, 1997:
"I am not a defender of the status quo with respect to welfare," "Having said that, I probably would not have supported the federal legislation, because I think it had some problems."

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Kurt said...

I see our government bailout of Fannie, Freddie, Bear or anything else moves us closer and closer to socialism. Elect Obama and a democratic majority in congress and watch the socialism expand to levels that would make LBJ's "Great Society" welfare state seem like a drop in the bucket. Understand that government bailouts and welfare state policies give more and more power to the federal government. Therefore, taking away individual choice,freedom and liberty. For every government handout at taxpayer expense expect the State to decide your fate. We will see on November 4 if citizens want big daddy government --yes, those goof balls in congress -- to tell you what to do and when to do it.