Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Expense Allowance Abuse by MEPs (Alleged)

Hans-Peter Martin and RTL in the fight against alleged abuse of expense allowances:
A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in Brussels earns approx. 14,700 euros per month (~£11,587), according to this RTL Report (in German with English subtitles). How much the MEPs have to work (or don't work) for their €14,700 is the subject of this on-site RTL investigation in Brussels. The video is about MEPs who sign in on attendance lists and then allegedly disappear immediately for their weekend.

Independent Irish MEP Kathy Sinnott appears in this video. She explains clearly that she has already been working seven hours up to seven o'clock. The Munster MEP warns him "Be very careful about using this and what you report about me". In actual fact Kathy Sinnott is not abusing the scheme. She explained clearly on RTE radio-in an interview with Myles Dungan- this morning that she can actually verify her claims to have worked up to seven o'clock.

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