Friday, July 25, 2008

No surprise that Socialist stronghold Berlin had large turn out for Obama

Much has been made of the large crowd, which turned out to greet Barack Obama in Berlin. The Liberal media has been mesmerised by his speech.
Why should this be so surprising? Obama is on the left wing of the Democratic Party.
He favours higher spending and taxes and greater state involvement in citizens lives.
These are the trademarks of a European Socialist. European Socialists naturally applaud one of their own.

Berlin is a left wing bastion as the following figures attest:
The Berlin State Election was held in 2006 to elect members to the Abgeordnetenhaus (House of Deputies) of Berlin

  • The Social Democrats (Socialists) secured 30.8% of the vote

  • The Left Party (mainly ex Communists) secured 13.4% of the vote.

  • Alliance 90/Greens secured 13.1% of the vote.

  • Labour and Social Justice Party secured 2.9% of the vote

  • The Grays secured 3.8% of the vote.

So the Left secured 63.9% of the vote in Berlin or 883,492 votes.
All in all no surprise that Obama secured a large turn out and a big welcome.


rainywalker said...

If Obama can turn out 200,000 people in Berlin shouldn't the conservatives with their message and John McCain be able to do the same in at least one location? He may be preaching to the liberals as you say. I'm a conservative and am still waiting for John McCain to say one new thing, one new position on something, anything! If the US really had a good third party and someone who could lead us I would vote for him or her. Most of us are fed up with both parties lies.

John Barry said...

In Europe Obama has rock star status. It is a media thing. What was noticeable was that when he called for greater European military support for the US in the Middle East the reaction of the crowd in Berlin was muted. They assumed that Obama was going to pull the US out of Afghanistan as well as Iraq.
These lefties are not prepared to fight in any war-justified or unjustified.
Finally in relation to Afghanistan, it is important to fight terrorism but the US needs to bear in mind-and this applies to both McCain and Obama- that neither Britain or the old USSR could fully conquer Afghanistan. It was a Russian graveyard and could quite easily turn out the same for the US and Britain.

It is very difficult terrain and has an indigenous population,a large section of which cannot be trusted.
Brute force on its own will not succeed.
It necessary to infiltrate terrorist groups and attempt to demoralise them. They could learn from Israel in relation to intelligence gathering. This is no easy task in Afghanistan or Iraq.

The US needs to box clever.
If it gets sucked in too deeply into Afghanistan it will find it difficult to extricate itself.