Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama's pretence to move to the centre on Abortion is a sham designed to mislead Catholics and Evangelicals

Barack Obama and his supporters in the media have begun a campaign to win a large segment of the Evangelical Christian vote. Some apologists in the media have stressed that Obama is moving towards the centre. Obama is the master of verbal obfuscation.

He is endeavouring to pretend that his beliefs are in tune with those of orthodox Catholics and Evangelicals. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has the most liberal voting record in the Senate on social matters. He supports and voted for partial birth abortion. Of course his apologists in the Washington Post, The New York Times and other liberal organs attempt to paint a picture of movement to the centre on social affairs. They along with Obama are attempting to mislead Evangelicals and Catholics. After all if Obama siphons off sufficient Evangelicals and Catholics he is home and dry.
So Obama is moving towards the centre on social affairs, is he? What does move to the centre really mean?

  • Is Obama prepared to vote against abortion? No

  • Is Obama prepared to put an end to partial birth abortion? No

  • Is he prepared to appoint conservative judges? No

  • Is he prepared to eschew his general liberal voting record? No

So all this talk of movement to the centre is hot air. It is an enormous sack of gas.It is sanitised language geared to sewing confusion among Evangelicals and orthodox Catholics. Obama and his liberal cohorts are engaged in a wilful campaign of misinformation and lies.
Articles in various liberal organs deliberately omit his extreme liberal record on abortion whilst emphasising any slight genuflection towards Evangelicals and Orthodox Catholics.
Obama is an extreme liberal on social affairs and an extreme left wing politician on the economy.
He is attempting to square the circle. This is not possible on social affairs. You are either in favour of abortion or you are not. You cannot bridge the unbridgeable.

The reality is Obama as exemplified by his voting record on abortion has contempt for the beliefs of conservative Evangelicals and orthodox Catholics.
Obama consistently emphasises the importance of Christianity in his life. Unfortunately he has facilitated the breaking of the Fifth Commandment by his votes on abortion.
Obama consistently speaks about women’s rights. But there is never a mention of the right to life of the unborn child. Where Obama is concerned God’s wishes are sidelined.God does not enter the equation. Obama is a secular humanist first and a Christian second. Obama’s religion is Secular Humanism with a little sprinkle of Christianity thrown in for good measure.
So the reality is that Orthodox Catholics and Evangelicals hold diametrically opposed positions from Obama on social matters.

No Catholic or Evangelical should vote for Obama because of his stance on abortion. Obama supports the anti–Christian position . He is opposed to God's wishes.
We are all answerable to God if we facilitate abortion in any way. You cannot compromise between good and evil. You opt for one or the other. There is no half way house. It is a case of God's wishes versus Obama's flowery rhetoric, which justifies and supports the culture of death. Evangelical African Americans who may be tempted to vote for Obama must put God first. They should vote for McCain on the basis of his strong anti-abortion stance.


rainywalker said...

Interesting. I have always voted for a president based on the entire person and not one issue. In elections you can never get all you would like. Sometimes nothing. My worst fear is blowing up the entire planet. There are good people everywhere who do not deserve that.

John Barry said...

I think it is more likely that the North Koreans Iranians or terrorists in general would fear a President Obama less than a President McCain. They would regard a President McCain as a hard man not to be trifled with. It is probable that they would try something outrageous on a President Obama and expect to get away with it as they view Obama as inexperienced.