Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mandelson's WTO cuts: Time to use the veto

Mandelson's WTO cuts would result in:
  • €4 billion per annum loss to the Irish economy

  • 50,000 farmers put out of business

  • 50,000 job losses in food processing and agricultural services

  • Beef prices of €2/Kg (70p/lb)

  • 1 million suckler cows slaughtered

  • Milk prices of 24c/litre

  • Sheep industry decimated by imports from New Zealand and Australia

  • Damaging losses in pigs poultry and grain

  • WTO has wiped out the sugar beet industry

  • (Source:IFA)

As these statistics indicate Mandelson's concessions at the WTO will destroy rural Ireland and seriously damage the Irish economy. It is time for the Irish Government to use the veto. The Government must not fudge the issue. Failure to block the Mandelson proposals will result in the destruction of Fianna Fail in rural Ireland. Brian Cowen promised to use the veto if necessary in the run up to the Lisbon Treaty referendum.
The arrogant Mandelson has continued to plough ahead oblivious to the needs of the Irish economy. Put manners on him. Use the nuclear option.

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