Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whither the Republican Party-Obama victory a pyrrhic victory? Cosmetic politics wins the day

There is no denying the scale of Barrack Obamas victory in terms of Electoral College votes. However his share of the popular vote is 52%. It is hardly a wringing endorsement. McCain/Palin secured 46% in the teeth of an economic tsunami, which struck their campaign in September. In addition McCain /Palin had to fight against efforts to tie them to the unpopular Bush presidency. Sarah Palin was subjected to a vicious campaign by Democrats and their acolytes in the liberal media. Her appearance, her dress sense, her character, and her family were shredded in one of the ugliest witch-hunts ever witnessed in American politics. 70% of media coverage was favourable to Obama. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC,MSNBC favoured Obama/Biden.

John McCain was painted by Democrats as out of touch. His age and health were called into question. Obama spent 600 million dollars to secure his election-a spending splurge unparalleled in US presidential history. The Obama campaign registered millions of Hispanics and African Americans. It pushed early voting to the limits.

Obama continuously emphasized a middle income tax cut. Each speech was peppered with references to change. All very nebulous, all very soothing. Music to the ears of young voters. And yet he barely broke 50%- driven by a favourable gale of political circumstances. The McCain/Palin performance is amazing in the teeth of such unfavourable circumstances.

The message is clear. The GOP is defeated but unbroken. The internal contradictions in Obama's policy positions will come back to haunt him. His promises of a middle income tax cuts cannot be fulfilled by rational economic means. Of course he can increase the deficit to fund tax cuts. Any such decision will court an economic catastrophe. He will of course increase capital gains and dividend taxes. Businesses face a tax hike. This is a recipe for disaster.
In addition he is beholden to workers in states such as Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania et al. He has promised to renegotiate NAFTA. He has promised increased protectionism. He has neatly conveyed the message to workers in old declining industries that he is their saviour. Such workers will soon become disillusioned as Obama’s promises fail to deliver.

The GOP must fiercely oppose increased spending plans of Obama and the Socialist/Liberal Democrat controlled Congress. Republicans must go back to basics and defend taxpayers. They must virulently oppose pork barrel projects. Bailouts must cease. They must learn from the organizational efforts of Obama. Efforts must be made to win back Hispanic voters.
By 2010 Democrats will have controlled Congress for four years. The electorate will vent its spleen on the big spenders.
By 2012 it is likely that the Democrats will have controlled Congress for six years whilst a Democrat will have held the presidency for four years. Obama and his friends in Congress will have no place to hide.
The GOP has excellent presidential material coming through. Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal amongst others are likely to seek a presidential nomination.


rainywalker said...

We are all Americans here now and believe the future will change. I have no crystal ball, but the new President will not be able to do this job alone. I'm sure if the Congress and Senate need a prod, he will call on us. I value your comments on us from another set of eyes and look forward to your blogs relating to your country and mine.

John Barry said...

According to CSO, Ireland's unemployment rate now stands at 6.7% of the labour force, up from 4.6% this time last year. Horrendous figures announced today.The Live register shows a seasonally adjusted increase of 15,800 during October. Deficit 7% of GNP.
Governments in general in the western world have been too liberal with public expenditure.