Friday, November 7, 2008

Palin Leaks -McCain Staffer scores own goal in leaks to Carl Cameron (Palin in dignified response)

Leaks from a McCain staffer to Carl Cameron are to say the least unsavoury and cowardly. They are not credible. Palin’s dignified response is a mark of her greatness.
The GOP lost the election because of the economy -NOT because of Sarah Palin. Palin fought a dynamic campaign and drew massive crowds. She energised the base. Campaign contributions flooded in, in the wake of her selection. She asked the hard questions. The liberal media unfairly targeted Sarah Palin. She was torn to pieces. Now to hear so called Republicans engaging in the same type of nastiness says it all. She is a rising star. This may be a pre-emptive strike to damage Palin’s prospects for 2012. It has failed.

I always await for both sides of any story before making my mind up. I always discount anonymous comments. They should be binned. Those who leak have an agenda. We have got one side of the story. Once the Wall Street implosion occurred in September the electorate opted for Obama/Biden. Just look at the polls.

These leaks have served to turn attention back on the management of the campaign. Perhaps it is time to examine the role of McCain’s advisors. They FAILED utterly to string together a meaningful campaign. It was Joe the Plumber who managed to focus the campaign on the taxation issue. These anonymous sources are trying to hide their abject failure.

Demonising Palin is a red herring. It is a smokescreen to mask the advisors failure. Which advisors for instance decided to opt for NEGATIVE ADVERTISING? ?????? It was a huge turn off for many young new voters.
I place no blame on McCain or Palin for the defeat. Perhaps some of the staffers should put their hands up and admit to the failure of their campaign strategy.

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rainywalker said...

Lies by the media are all that keep some afloat. Without it they would and are going out of business. Carl Cameron is one of the lap dogs with FOX. When Fox first came on the air they were fair and balanced. I still listen to Sheppard Smith, he seems to be the only one at Fox who still straddles the fence.