Friday, November 7, 2008

Welsh Meditation: Mil Harddach Wyt (My Beautiful Baby) - And Did Those Feet

This song comes from their album:"Forgetting the Shadows of History".

The video for this song -' My beautiful Baby' is like arriving on holiday after travelling through the night on dark unlit country roads surrounded by deep forests. The second part is set in bright sunshine with streams leading to the sandy beaches of a bay. The whole film is set in Wales. The video offers gentle relaxation.

About "And Did Those Feet"
"The name And Did Those Feet is derived from ‘And Did Those Feet in Ancient Times’ better known as the words to the poem Jerusalem by William Blake.
The nucleus of the group comprises founder and composer Richard Ellin. The principle vocalist is Ina Williams who possesses one of the finest voices to be found in Wales. Cecilia Jones completes the trio providing solo performances and vocal accompaniment to complement Ina’s voice perfectly, the two beautifully layered and at times melding into one.
The music of And Did Those Feet moves between spiritual, pastoral, contemporary, light classical, Welsh language and there’s poetry too...."

Website: And Did Those Feet

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