Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah Palin sets the record straight in interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News

In this interview Sarah Palin clears up the clothes controversy in a most comprehensive manner. It is glaringly obvious that the liberal media and some Democrat politicians misrepresented the reality. She answers malicious allegations made by an anonymous aide concerning NAFTA and her alleged lack of geographical knowledge. She speaks about ugly attacks made on her and about their impact on her family. She discusses the failure of the media to correct false allegations made against her.

She discusses the possible reasons for the opposition of feminists and surmises that her strong pro-life position is at the root of their antagonism. She also speaks about her political future. Finally her friend outlines the truth in relation to the real Sarah Palin.


rainywalker said...

I agree with your comments but think you will find most of those doing the attacking, are Republican. They need to place the blame someplace and it won't be on John McCain.

Today I salute all Irish veterans, those serving, their families and the ones who fought in the Revolution for our country.

John Barry said...

29 Irishmen who lived within a four mile radius of where I now live went to fight in World War One and never returned. Ireland at that time was under British rule. They thought that the British would grant Irish freedom in gratitude for their sacrifice.
Incidentally four Co. Waterford men fought with Custer at the Battle of the LittleBighorn and were killed.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Heath Palin is a married woman with children and of a working family who is accountable and she is not a victim.
The media and the liberals along with the a few others truly ambushed her.
Hillary is not going anywhere but the Senate along with Ted Kennedy who snubbed her when she called him re the Health care she wants to have part in; but does Obama really want her signature on anything. The NOW org can't put lipstick on her for she does not need their help.
Sarah will become a Senator and sit with McCain, who has been spared the pain as he has endured enough and live their lives with dignity which they deserve.
God Bless America and God Bless Ireland.

rainywalker said...

My uncle I named my son after was the first soldier from West Virgina killed in WWI. Thank you for the history on the Little Big Horn. Many Irish and Scotch helped build the railroads in the east and in Preston County, West Virginia.