Monday, August 4, 2008

Democrat Energy Plan-Hope for the best

This image via Gateway Pundit neatly encapsulates the Democratic Party's energy policy or rather its lack of one. Barack Obama in marked contrast to John McCain has opposed more offshore drilling, a large expansion in the nuclear programme, increased use of coal and support for the electric car.

Obama's energy policy is based mainly on conservation and increased development of renewals.
Correct tyre pressures is a major plank in his energy platform.
That is not a sufficient response to the present crisis. It is a recipe for economic decline.

Huge reserves of untapped oil lie off shore. Under a Democratic Congress and a President Obama they will remain there.
The US and the West in general will remain at the mercy of unstable Middle East regimes under the Democrats and a President Obama.

Meanwhile Communist China ploughs ahead with a policy geared towards securing foreign oil supplies and other natural resources. It has extended its tentacles into Africa and is now increasingly active in South America. It is a new colonial power.

China is a major competitor with the West. US politicians had better wake up before it is too late.
China is rapidly developing it navy, army and air-force. These will be used to protect raw material supplies and if necessary to bully countries which threaten China's interests. Competition for scarce energy resources could trigger a nuclear war.

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rainywalker said...

History has shown that we wake up just in the nick of time. But that may not work in the modern world.
Perhaps the point was air up your tires, turn off the a/c, drive 55mph [30 cents for every 5 miles under the speed limit], etc. The US has already cut back on 9 billion gallons of oil.
But we need to hit the oil shale, oil off shore and we could have enough for 200 years.