Thursday, August 14, 2008

John McCain faces political oblivion if he chooses a pro-abortion running mate

If McCain chooses a pro-abortion running mate he can kiss goodbye to the presidency.

He has been cautiously testing the waters in relation to the choice of a running mate. There have been subtle hints in relation to pro aborts such as Tom Ridge. He had better jettison any possibility of a pro abort running mate very quickly. Otherwise he is a political dead man walking. There is the simplistic belief that Ridge would guarantee victory in Pennsylvania. This is only half the story. Nine or ten states would fall to Obama because of mass defections from the GOP.

Millions of Republicans who are pro lifers will just walk. Protection of the unborn is a core principle for most Catholics, Evangelicals and other Christians who support the Republican Party. The party will be torn asunder. The GOP is the pro-life party at present. If a pro abort running mate is chosen this is no longer the case. Pro-lifers must then look for an alternative.

McCain has excellent choices available such as Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota amongst others. Sarah Palin would be an imaginative choice as she is a fiscal conservative, highly efficient and would reach out to female voters.

You have been warned Mr McCain. Heed it or face political oblivion. Just remember Ross Perot. He secured 19,741,065 votes in 1992 and cost the GOP the presidency.
Really one would have to fear for McCain's sanity if he chooses a pro-abortion running mate.

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rainywalker said...

John McCain is likely to do what you are saying and that will cost him the election. The Independents will get some of the votes and the most will go to the Democrats.