Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama stance on abortion is at odds with Fifth Commandment

Obama is a secular humanist. He claims to be a Christian. However when it comes to a clash between Christian principles and secular humanism he opts hook line and sinker for everything that is the antithesis of Christianity.

He is endeavouring to ride two horses at the one time on the abortion issue.
He cleverly uses differing scriptural interpretations to justify the slaughter of the innocents. The devil can quote scripture to suit his own purposes. Obama is a coward on this issue.
By twisting the meaning of words you can justify almost anything. This is what happens to those who have no core beliefs.

There is a simple rule of thumb on this issue. Just go back to first principles.
The Fifth Commandment states "Thou shalt not kill".That's all you need to guide you Mr Obama. No difficulty in deciphering the meaning of these words. Christians contemplating a vote for Obama must remember the 5th Commandment.

We are answerable to God for our actions. No Christian in good conscience can vote for abortion. This applies also to clergymen,bishops and other religious who support Obama. It is a choice between flowery empty rhetoric of Obama which glorifies the culture of death or the truth as given to us in the Fifth Commandment.

Obama’s voting record on abortion is shocking in its callousness. As far as he is concerned the unborn child is a thing to be discarded. His behaviour on partial birth abortion is horrifying. The Democratic Party has plummeted to the depths on the abortion issue. It is time for conservative Democrats to leave the Party in droves and make common cause with the GOP. Stop this dangerous liberal Barack Obama. He is out of line with Christian principles.

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Donnell said...

It's the sixth commandment that says "thou shall not Kill" I just thought I would point out that tiny mistake.
But I do agree with the rest of the post.