Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama wants American Taxpayers to pay for all abortions

Not content with supporting partial birth abortion Barack Obama believes that the American taxpayer must foot the bill for all abortions. So as far as Obama is concerned it is a case of free abortion funded by an already overburdened taxpayer. Catholics, Evangelicals, Episcopalians and others who bitterly oppose the destruction of the unborn child in the womb would be levied to extinguish the lives of innocent children. Barack has promised also to expand abortion rights through his unwavering support of The Freedom of Choice Act.
Obama is an extremist on the abortion issue. He would make the most pro-abortion president ever. He supports the secular humanist position on this issue and is at odds with the Fifth Commandment. Obama has binned Christian teaching in an effort to win the Presidency.
A vote for the Obama/Biden ticket is a vote for taxpayer- funded abortion and policies at odds with God's teaching on this issue. Joe Biden as a Catholic has jettisoned church teaching.
So much for Obama's weasel words on social justice.

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