Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brian Hayes TD is correct to target language difficulties of immigrant children

FG Education spokesman Brian Hayes TD speaking in a personal capacity has suggested that immigrant children should be segregated from other students in the classroom until they are able to speak English. Throughout the country there is evidence of large numbers of immigrant children sitting in classrooms unable to benefit from a proper education because of an inability to understand the English language. In addition Irish children suffer as teachers endeavour to address the language deficit of immigrants within mainstream classes. Naturally less progress is made in the teaching of course material.

Thankfully Brian Hayes has begun to address the issue. He is motivated by a desire to tackle this problem in a coherent manner. He is not suggesting permanent exclusion. He is not suggesting discrimination as a solution to the problem.
He is suggesting a temporary exclusion of some immigrant students.These can then benefit from intensive English language training. Lo and behold the PC (politically correct) brigade is as usual out in force with accusations of racism. It is time to ignore them with their Pavlovian responses. There is a major problem. It is time to tackle it.

Perhaps the PC do gooders might care to explain how immigrant children clearly lacking a proficiency in the English language can benefit from education in a mainstream class. At present both indigenous children and immigrant children are discriminated against where there is an inability to deal adequately with prescribed courses.


rainywalker said...

Speaking and writing English should be required in all countries that use English. Thats not the way they see it here in the southwest and it is costing us millions of taxpayer dollars.

John Barry said...

I agree.