Thursday, August 7, 2008

Champagne Music of Abba is timeless much to the chagrin of critics

It has always been fashionable in some circles to rubbish the music of Abba. Much of this criticism stems from an insecurity or snobbery on the part of some scribes and critics. Due to the success of the movie version of Mama Mia! , a musical written around the Swedish group ABBA's greatest hits, the 1992 album "ABBA Gold Greatest Hits" has risen to the top of the British album charts after sixteen years.
This twin success has brought the anti Abba brigade out in force. Neil McCormick in the Telegraph writes a particularly acerbic article. Somehow I think that he may be writing tongue in cheek. An interesting article on the group- appeared in the Telegraph on 10/7/2008. Titled "Abba - the music: why everyone loves Abba",it was written by Ivan Hewett and delves successfully into the reasons for the group's stunning success-even if it is unfair to the band members themselves. It is a must read for all Abba fans.

Clip from Mama Mia below

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rainywalker said...

Love ABBA and say the movie two weeks ago.