Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day for Darfur

This humanitarian catastrophe has left up to 400,000 or more dead and 2,500,000 refugees.
Russia and China have supplied arms and ammunition to Sudan. This hardware has been transferred to Darfur for use by the Islamo-fascist government and the Moslem Janjaweed militias thus violating a UN arms embargo against Sudan. The Janjaweed militias have unleashed a reign of terror in Darfur against Christians and animists destroying economic activity, burning villages,raping women and burning children alive.

China has huge investments in the oil industry in Sudan and has been criticized for watering down U.N. resolutions on Darfur. China is the main opponent on the U.N. Security Council of the argument by Western countries that sanctions should be held in reserve to force Khartoum to comply with peace moves. The Chinese on account of their huge oil investments in Sudan have sufficient political leverage with the Sudanese Government to stop the atrocities by the Janjaweed. In reality the Chinese are posturing. Actions do not match words. China has no intention of upsetting the Islamo Fascists. It is more concerned with maintaining control over Sudanese oil resources.

In 1983, the government dominated by northern Arabs tried to impose Islamic Sharia law across Sudan, even in areas where the majority is not Muslim. This is still its intention.

Today's 'Day for Darfur' is being marked by demonstrations in around 30 countries and the release of a charity record.

Britain, says it will not contribute soldiers to the 26,000-strong joint U.N. and African Union peacekeepers in line with Khartoum's demand for a predominantly African presence in Darfur.

However Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged technical support for peacekeepers due to go to Sudan's Darfur region.

This force is not sufficient to end the genocide in Darfur. It is a sticking plaster solution.

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