Tuesday, September 4, 2007

US-Clinton and Obama clash

For some time it has become glaringly obvious that there is mutual loathing between the Obama and Clinton Camps.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been stressing Hillary's experience and by extension Obama's inexperience. This is a double edged sword.
In Sioux City, Iowa, Clinton argued that the party must focus on results, not rhetoric. She was accompanied by former President Bill Clinton. Bill and Hillary have been arguing that she's the candidate with the best health, economic, foreign and national security policies. Essentially Hillary and Bill are claiming that Obama's policies are an enormous sack of gas.

Obama's criticisms of Clinton have been pointed. He has criticised Hillary as a Washington insider. He has argued that she is conservative and incapable of change. As a Washington insider she is part of a system which has not delivered. This argument resonates in the country. At a Labor Day rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Obama said, "As bad as this administration has been, it's going to take more than just a change in parties to truly turn this country around."

Differences between Obama and Clinton have been sharpening as the campaign progresses and are exposing fault lines in the Democratic Party.

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