Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma-Military Crackdown continues as junta declares war on its people.

The military crackdown which has been instituted against the pro democracy demonstrators in Burma emphasises clearly the relative powerlessness of the UN Security Council. Once more China as-in Darfur- is a major stumbling block. China will at best pay lip service. The International Community must pressurise China by withdrawing from the Beijing Olympics now. The juntas stranglehold on power must be smashed by stronger sanctions than are at present proposed. The UN must be reformed so that the veto can no longer be used in a cynical manner-by powers such as China. Chinese foreign policy is devoid of morality.
The International Community stands indicted on its failure to act meaningfully

Police and soldiers in Burma's main city opened fire for a second day to disperse demonstrators. A Japanese journalist is among the victims of the violence in Rangoon. Earlier, security forces raided monasteries and took away scores of monks accused of leading the protests, which analysts say are the biggest challenge the military government has faced in decades.
VOA's Luis Ramirez reports from our Southeast Asia bureau in Bangkok.
Protesters' sandals are scattered on the ground as Burmese soldiers look on after firing automatic weapons into a crowd in Rangoon, 27 Sep 2007 (Mandalay Gazette photo)There were conflicting news reports throughout the day on the number of people killed or injured in clashes with security forces on Rangoon's main thoroughfares. Thousands of people defied orders from soldiers and police to get off the streets.
Witnesses say demonstrators chanted their demands for peace, democracy, and an end to poverty. The slogans summed up the yearnings of people in a country ruled by the military since 1962, where per-capita income is less than $200 a year.......
The true death toll so far is unknown.

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