Monday, September 17, 2007

Irish Rugby Team-Geordan Murphy Dropped

The decision by Eddie O Sullivan to drop Geordan Murphy is incomprehensible. Murphy is just the type of player needed by Ireland for the showdown against France.

The head coach has been unable to explain the poor performances against Namibia and Georgia. However in typical eddiespeak he demolished Geordan Murphy's claim to a place on the team. "Geordan's last few games against France haven't been a happy hunting ground. They have not been good days," he said. Is there an unwritten rule which states that there must be at least one Ulster player on the team. Rory Bests unavailability because of injury probably tipped the balance in favour of Andrew Trimble as the token Ulster player. One bonus for the Leicester Tigers is the fact that Murphy will return to the club fresh and uninjured.

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