Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma-Repression of populace by Junta intensifies

The intensions of the military junta are crystal clear. It intends to smash the pro democracy movement by whatever means are necessary. Proof of this is the decision to cut internet access and to silence bloggers. It is suspected that some bloggers may have been arrested or murdered. The assumption is that the growing opposition in the outside world -to repression in Burma-can be stifled by a news blackout. The murderous junta is now going about its mission in a coherent and systematic manner. It appears to be intent on mass murder.
However information is still getting out. Read the Irrawaddy for an excellent account of the crisis. Also read Dawn a Burmese woman's blog.
Only the severest of sanctions by the International Community will throttle this satanic regime. Concern expressed by foreign leaders is useless.

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