Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney withdraws from GOP race with carefully crafted speech on conservative principles

Today at the Conservative Convention in Washington DC Mitt Romney announced his intention to withdraw from the race for the GOP nomination. Romney’s poor performance on Super Tuesday effectively scuppered his prospects as he trailed far behind McCain in convention delegates

Romney’s speech was a tour de force. It was characterised by a clear-cut elucidation of conservative principles. It was arguably the greatest speech that he has ever given.
He emphasized the importance of the family-father and mother- to society. He attacked the culture of death. He emphasized the damage done by abortion to European society. He lambasted the nanny state.

He emphasized the importance of private enterprise and attacked government bureaucracy and excessive pay rates for government bureaucrats. He attacked wasteful government expenditure. He strongly supported McCains stance on the War on Terror. His decision to withdraw was based on a determination not to split the party. He claimed that any split in the party would ensure the election of either Clinton and Obama.

If John McCain is elected President it is likely that he may serve only one term on age grounds. Romney’s pragmatic decision and strong support for conservative principles ensures that he is likely to secure the GOP nomination in the future.
Today marks the first step in the healing process in the GOP and greatly strengthens its prospects of securing the Presidency

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