Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Independent and the casino-much ado about nothing

The Sunday Independent leads on its front page with an article titled in bold black print.-"Enda met casino syndicate partners". So what. What exactly is the point of this article by respected journalist Ronald Quinlan?
  • Has he found any smoking gun? No
  • Is he imputing any impropriety to Enda Kenny? No
  • Is he suggesting that Governments should not meet with businessmen who may wish to establish a project in Ireland? No
  • Is he suggesting that the Rainbow government behaved improperly in some way? No
  • Is he suggesting that representatives of the Sunday Independent should not meet with FF representatives- in future- to progress business projects? No
  • Is this article a red herring? Most certainly yes. It may be factually correct but the heading "Enda met casino syndicate partners" and the sub heading in red "what we weren't told" implies malfeasance on the part of FG. The approach appears to be "Give them something to deny". Perhaps the headline writer should re read the article.
  • Is the Sunday Independent attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear? Yes

The Sunday Independent has pursued a virulently anti FG line for many years. It is certainly not independent. It is unapologetically pro FF. Most FG readers of the paper are aware of the political bias. The Sunday Independent is the new Irish Press.

One of the reasons for the demise of the Irish Press was the fact that it was viewed as too pro FF. It had some outstanding journalists. But this did not save the paper. One would assume that in the interests of its shareholders that the Sunday Independent would endeavour to give the second largest political party a right of reply.

There is a vacuum now. Presumably competitors of the Sunday Independent will fill it.

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