Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Maryland and Washington DC Primaries-victories for McCain and Obama-the political fallout

Barack Obama has inflicted crushing defeats on Hillary Clinton in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. This has been a black day for Clinton. Not alone has Obama eaten into Clinton's strong support among whites and amongst the elderly but he also now has a slight lead in the delegate count. Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania are now pivotal states. A Failure to win these would probably cost Clinton the nomination.

John McCain's progress to the GOP nomination continues unabated with victories in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. McCain must now unify the Republican Party by winning over conservative sceptics. In addition he must articulate policies that resonate with the public-policies which are grounded on solid conservative principles and which will improve living standards. An over emphasis on his war record will be a turn off for the majority of voters. This election will be won and lost on the economy and the competence of the presidential candidates.When McCain wins the nomination he must bring Mike Huckabee on board his campaign. He would make an excellent vice presidential candidate.

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