Sunday, February 10, 2008

Huckabee keeps Vice Presidential prospects alive

Mike Huckabee has won two more states in his fight to secure the Vice Presidential nomination for the GOP. He won the Kansas caucus securing 60% of the vote. Mr Huckabee also won the Louisiana primary defeating John McCain by 44% to 42%. Mr McCain won Washington state caucus by a narrow margin.

Mr Huckabee has benefited from the support of evangelicals and conservatives in the south. His campaign working on a shoestring has been a stunning success. He is determined to remain in the race even though the odds are stacked strongly against him. McCain has got c724 delegates to 196 for Huckabee.

Speculation abounds as to Huckabee’s real motives. It is probable that he covets the Vice Presidential slot or a post in a putative McCain administration.
Also Mike Huckabee is determined to remain in the race to ensure that John McCain does not ignore the conservative wing of the GOP. Support yesterday for Mike Huckabee is a stern warning to McCain that he has so far failed to mollify conservatives on issues such as tax and illegal immigration. A policy platform based on strong conservative principles is a sine qua non if McCain is to win over the recalcitrant right wing.

McCain has much work to do to shore up the GOP base. He made a good start at the Conservative Convention. He should now go further and select Mike Huckabee as his running mate.

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