Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ireland- A Government of contradictions.

The Government is glued together by the elixir of power. Nevertheless it is a Coalition beset by contradictions.

Noel Grealish PD TD for Galway West launched an attack on the Mahon Tribunal on Morning Ireland this morning. Loyal FF supporters were no doubt highly impressed. Noel continues to foster the illusion that the PDs exist as a meaningful party. Meanwhile he engages in negotiations with FF to smooth the path for an eventual return to FF. Noel comes from the FF gene pool so FF is his natural home.
Mary Harney acting PD leader-who will retire at the next General Election- refused to lend support to Grealish's utterances but then sought to divert attention by introducing red herrings about the opposition. The PDs are no longer a meaningful political party. In most constituencies PDs are as scarce as Eskimos in the Sahara.

The Green party in opposition strongly opposed the redrafted EU Constitution. In Government Green Party Ministers will urge a yes vote in the referendum. Will the rank and file members jettison Green Party policy? The Greens have consistently opposed the use of Shannon Airport by the US military. In Government they have acquiesced in its use.
In opposition they opposed incineration. In Government they have accepted that incineration will be a cornerstone of waste disposal.

In Government the Greens have adopted the same policy as FF on the Tribunals. Namely that there should be no rush to judgement until the Tribunals report. In opposition they condemned FF. John Gormley did state that he had full confidence in the Mahon Tribunal.

Up to seven FF Ministers have come out and lambasted the Tribunal. Yet John Gormley and Mary Harney have expressed confidence in the Mahon Tribunal.
FG intends to introduce a motion of confidence-in the Dail- in the Mahon Tribunal
How will Government Ministers square the circle?

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