Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Personal Democratic SC Debate: Hillary Clinton Barack Obama

This debate clearly illustrates the enmity between Obama and Clinton. The Clinton machine has introduced the race issue into the campaign. There were the ugly robo calls in Nevada. Bill Clinton's disparaging remarks about Obama and Hillary Clinton's faux pas in relation to Martin Luther King Jnr formed the background to this ugly squabble. Billary-oops Hillary-has a hectoring badgering style that the US could well do without.She is a divisive influence and has now split the Democratic Party. Billary will further polarise American society. Clinton and Obama are Socialists who believe in high tax rates. Neither has a properly funded programme. Hopefully future debates will focus on the big government plans of Obama and Clinton. Also much of Billary's funding comes from lobbyists. Will future debates discuss the implications of this?

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