Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ireland: New Fine Gael Website Goes Live at 11am Friday, 17th April 09

Fine Gael is going live on tomorrow (Friday) at 11am with its new internally designed and created website. The new website has many characteristics, including FG TV, that make it more useful and more user-friendly:

· New fresh, up to date design
·All information compressed into one portal page for ease of access
· Visitors can customise the page layout and give preference to their subjects of interest

FG TV allows for:

· Live broadcast facilities
· Direct interaction with the public
· Live streaming of events
· Video on demand
· Viewing interviews
· Review on location reports
· Public opinion to be heard on Vox-pops
· There is a Search facility for each section allowing for more accurate search results
· All technologies are in-house including the design and creation of the website
· All third party services are provided by Ireland based companies.

Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny stated: “Fine Gael is a party with a vision for the future and part of realising that vision is to interact constantly with the public, our members and the media. Our new website will I believe, prove to be an invaluable online tool in enhancing that direct contact which I believe is essential to political success.”

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