Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ireland: Hypocrisy from € 41,000 State Pensioner Ivan Yates

In today's Irish Examiner ex TD Ivan Yates launches a slashing attack on teachers. This onslaught is launched in the context of the dire economic conditions prevailing in the country at present. The diatribe contains some interesting suggestions (albeit nothing original) and asks some of the hard questions. It is laced with bile, venom and half truths.

He makes some valid points:

School buildings are the least availed of state assets. The taxpayer is being ripped off by exorbitant rent costs on prefabs. Commercial centralised renegotiation of lease/purchase terms is imperative.

Unfortunately for Yates all this has been in the public domain of late. Sadly there is no original thinking here. Just information sourced from various media organs in recent weeks. A good copy and paste exercise.

He displays his total ignorance with the following:

The number of practical subjects, foreign languages and arts options may need to be rationalised. Will this shatter the lives of these pupils? Surely, lifelong learning allows the option to widen your skills in later years. We need to establish clear priorities of essential subjects.

It was the FOLLOWING COMMENT which took my fancy:

Favourable pension terms lie at the end of the rainbow of these permanent posts.

Ivan Yates has been known from time to time to put his foot in his mouth. Here he scores an own goal. He represented the Wexford constituency from 1981-2002. This is a total of just 21 years. For this he receives a pension of €41,000 from the overburdened taxpayer. Most public servants would work 40 years to secure their pension entitlements. Now it is also important to remember that Yates is on a state pension since 2002 at the young age of 43 years whilst most public servants would secure their pension at the ripe old age of 58.
The man's hypocrisy is breathtaking. Will Ivan Yates now give up his pension? Dont hold your breath.

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