Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin interviewed by Glenn Beck last June

Alaska's governor talks about her state and resource development. As this interview clearly illustrates Sarah Palin is a politician of great substance clearly in command of her brief. This gives the lie to Democrat propaganda which claims that she lacks experience. She has two years executive experience as governor of Alaska. Obama has absolutely NO executive experience. So the GOP number two has more experience than the Democrat number one. What qualifies Obama to be president? John McCain has made an excellent choice of running mate.


Vote! said...

So very true.

rainywalker said...

A PTA mother, beauty queen, degree in communications, Mayor of Wasilla [you can walk across in five minutes, moose hunter, Governor for 1.5 years and looks good in a nighty in Vogue. Did I miss anything? If she had a career, it is shot now hooking up with Sen. McCain. I feel sorry for her.

John Barry said...

Sarah Palin has two years executive experience Barack Obama has none. Obama has only served as a Senator for 3 years and has been absent on campaign for at least a year. I give Sarah Palin credit for taking hard decisions in Alaska.