Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain outpoints Obama in spirited debate at OXFORD, Mississippi

This was a highly spirited debate. John McCain looked particularly fresh. This is amazing considering his exertions in recent days.
On the economy McCain burned Obama badly. Obama voted for 932 million dollars worth of earmarks. McCain hit him particularly hard on this. Obama could not explain where he would cut expenditure. Obama had plenty of populist sound bytes. McCain stressed a spending freeze. When confronted with this Obama funked the question. McCain caught Obama on the oil industry. McCain trumpeted his long opposition to earmarks. Obama had no comeback.Obama's plans for increased business taxes will speed an outflow of investment from the US. Workers have much to fear from an Obama presidency. Obama spoke about middle class tax cuts but then had to admit that many of the promises could not be implemented because of the deficit. So essentially these promises are hot air.

On foreign policy McCain had a greater overall grasp. Obama got caught out on Iran and Russia/Georgia and a potential attack on Pakistan. McCain showed a far greater grasp of foreign affairs. Obama trotted out some rehearsed answers that were na├»ve. He appeared rather lightweight. McCain’s reference to Putin –“I saw three letters KGB in his eyes sums up the reality of foreign policy. Obama’s approach appears more wishful thinking – a hope for the best approach. McCain exposed a frightening naivety in Obama’s approach to Iran. Quite simply John McCain is better able to deal with the worlds hard men.
On energy McCain stressed off shore drilling nuclear and renewable. Obama stressed renewable. On energy the advantage was with McCain.
To independent voters McCain appeared more presidential. McCain exuded gravitas and experience. Eight times in the course of the debate Obama commenced a sentence with the words "You are right John". Game set and match to McCain.


Jeff said...

I knew I could count on John Barry to put it in the McCain column. You honestly thought McCain looked "fresh?" I thought he looked like a zombie. Not once would he even look Obama in the eyes despite Jim Leher's plea for him to address him directly. Even when Obama was addressing him, McCain smugly smirked at Jim. What was that about?
I think McCain appeared tail-tucked and defeated. He needed to appear presidential after a week of totally botching the economic crisis. And I think he failed.
Good points don't win debates, ask Al Gore.

Jeff said...

Overwhelmingly, pundits are calling this debate a win for Obama. How can you even spin this as a win for McCain?

Check out the rundown on FoxForum

Even Charles Krauthammer .. Obama hater king... had this to say "Obama came out ahead. … He didn’t have a knock out moment. This was a draw. [But] it gets out of the way a potential liability. I’d be surprised if McCain had a bounce from this."
Charles Krauthammer!! He must have had to go and throw up after saying that.

Rich said...


I am amazed at this blog. How you could point to Obama and say he is naive (even if quoting McCain as I am sure seems proper in your blogosphere) blows me away.

The fact is (beginning with only one of your talking points) that the U.S. has the smallest fraction of the world's petroleum resources (3% - maybe 4% on a good day) and you claim that Obama is naive for supporting alternative energy?

Astonishing man, I make my living, supporting my wife and daughter, in the construction industry. I work in an industry that has erected some of the most advanced structures on the globe. We are world leaders in so-called "green building" technology. General Motors is producing an electric vehicle. The United States has put human beings on the moon. We have learned to split atoms and harness their energy.

And, you are telling me that, Barack Obama is naive for believing in America's ability to develop and implement new technology?

I John, despite being an American in your eyes, am not a quitter. I am not going to walk away, and say awww shucks, we are going to have to nurse on the world's oil supply for the rest of my life.

I believe in America John, move somewhere else if you do not.