Monday, September 29, 2008

CNN: Biden's Own Bridge to Nowhere (Biden's 116 Earmarks alone this year a monster own goal)

CNN reports on the support for Alaska's Bridge to Nowhere received from both Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Yet Biden is attacking the Bridge to Nowhere on the campaign trail. Initially Sarah Palin supported the Ketchikan bridge but opposed it as governor. CNN report on Biden’s pork barrel record, including a project that CNN calls The Bridge to Two Nowheres. Biden has asked for 116 earmarks alone this year worth 342 million dollars. Biden and Obama are a tax and spend liberals. John McCain has consistently opposed earmarks.

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rainywalker said...

I do not agree with ear marks and just about everyone in Congress try to add them on. Some good, some bad. The state governments do the same thing which is wrong. I don't know about John McCain, but I know Biden, Palin and Obama have had them this year and in the past. Each one should be looked at by a civilian commitee picked from the population like jurors if they are going to have ear marks.