Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fight The Palin Smears

A new website called Fight The Palin Smears is now up and running. As its name implies it is designed to counteract the vicious campaign of character assassination from elements in the Democratic Party and its media supporters. It is highly effective.

The selection of Sarah Palin has sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party and its media allies. The problem for Obama is that Palin has executive experience as Governor of Alaska whilst he has none. She has charisma and is highly talented. She has become an object of hate for the Left. Not content with impugning the candidates integrity elements in the pro Obama media have questioned her right to run as John McCain's running mate on the basis that Palin has five children and that she should remain at home to rear them. To the forefront in the latter campaign is the New York Times. It has taken fright at the possibility that Palin may actually help swing the election in favour of John McCain. Palin's children are being used by The New York Times and other media organs as a battering ram to destroy her and thereby smooth the path to power for Obama. As far as the NY Times is concerned conservative women have no right to contest the presidency. This stricture does not apply to Nancy Pelosi who is a Liberal. Pelosi is on the correct side of the political fence.

The bullying of Sarah Palin -by elements in both the media and Democratic Party -with the express intention of destroying this woman of the highest integrity- is a blot on American democracy. Perhaps the DailyKos and the New York Times will now campaign to remove the right to vote from conservative women.


rainywalker said...

My son who lives in Alaska says Sarah Palin is a good governor. But the American media, even the Republicans are gonna tear her apart. That is out problem over here. We have to know everything about everyone. She could make a good vice-president, I don't know, but her career is going to be shot by the media.

Anonymous said...

you're backing a loser in this race John. On the other hand I hope ye win on Sunday.