Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ireland- A net contributor to EU?

There has been criticism of Ireland's decision to reject the Lisbon Treaty especially in France and Germany. Much of this is patronising and insulting. It is accompanied by references to Ireland’s alleged ingratitude to the EU. Undoubtedly Ireland has much to be grateful for-especially the access to huge EU markets and financial transfers which aided the development of infrastructure et al.

However there are also transfers from Ireland to the EU.
Ireland, controls 16% of EU waters, yet has only 4% of the EU fish quota. Some Irish fishing sources estimate that EU countries have taken €120 billion worth of fish since Irish membership in 1973. A conservative estimate is €50 billion to €60 billion. Many species of fish such as cod are on the verge of extinction in Irish waters thanks to over fishing by foreign trawlers.
It is not unlikely that Ireland is a net contributor to the EU. Time for answers from our politicians.

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Cilpale said...

Hello John,

The waters belong to Ireland but until you build a wall fishs can go where they want... Moreover are you sure that the fish are homogeneously distributed in the sea so 16% of the waters equal to 16% of fishs?

More seriously are you sure that foreign fishermen can fish into Ireland waters?

As a foreigner to Ireland I am interested to know what is the goal of the EU for Irish people, what are you whishes about it?