Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clinton Attempts to Outmanoeuvre Obama

As Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic Party nomination grinds to a conclusion, today she gave a broad hint of her interest in the Vice–Presidential slot.

The Clinton campaign partly fuelled by the oxygen of racism has spent months emphasizing the point that Obama is incapable of defeating John McCain. The hatred between both candidates is palpable. Indeed it is difficult to see how both could work in tandem. In addition Bill Clinton would undoubtedly involve himself in the election campaign. His bad tempered outbursts would be manna from heaven for McCain.

According to the Associated Press Obama has now amassed sufficient delegates to lock up the nomination. Unfortunately for Obama most political discussion is not about this today. Rather it is about Clinton’s possible Vice Presidential ambitions. Clinton has staged a publicity coup. Hillary may not even be serious. Rather it may be a case of pay back time as she seethes over her failure to secure the nomination. Is she prepared to accept second best? Certainly many of her supporters feel that she has been cheated of the nomination because she is a woman and are unlikely to accept a consolation prize.
If Clinton fails to secure the Vice Presidential slot she will set her sights on 2012.

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