Wednesday, August 11, 2010

US: Harry Reid and the Nevada Economic Crash

The US Senate race in Nevada between Sharron Angle (Republican) and Harry Reid (Democrat) is developing into a cliff-hanger with polls showing both neck and neck. This is hardly surprising as Reid's economic record is one of abject failure.
Harry Reid the Senate Democratic Party leader, played a major role in pushing through the $787 billion Stimulus Bill. With the passage of the Stimulus Bill, Harry Reid’s Office boasted that it would create 34,000 jobs in Nevada and cut taxes for the middle- class (Source: Senator Harry Reid Press Release). Unemployment in Nevada was 10.1% when The Stimulus Bill passed in February 2009. Now it stands at 14.2%. The infamous Stimulus Bill designed to pull the US out of recession is a catalogue of waste replete with harebrained schemes:
A New Report highlights the massive amounts of waste in Harry Reid’s Stimulus Bill:
A Few Examples Of The Waste Highlighted In The Report Include:
  • $71,623 To Study How Monkeys Are Affected By Cocaine.

  • $1 Million On A Grant To Study Ants In The Indian Ocean Islands And East Africa.

  • $300,000 To Study Yoga And Hot Flashes.

  • The U.S. Forest Service Is Spending More Than $554,000 To Replace Windows At A Visitors Center For Mt. St. Helens That Has Been Closed.

  • The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte Received More Than $750,000 To Help Develop A Computerized Choreography Program That Its Creators Believe Could Lead To A Youtube-Like ‘Dance Tube’ Online Application.

  • “The National Science Foundation Shelled Out Nearly $60,000 In Stimulus Dollars To Study People’s Perceptions Of Federal Stimulus Spending.”

  • The Town Of Boynton, Oklahoma Was Awarded Nearly $90,000 To Replace A Quarter-Mile Stretch Of Sidewalk That Was Replaced Only Five Years Ago.

The Housing Market Has Collapsed In Las Vegas Under Reid’s Leadership.
  • Home Prices Have Declined 51% In Las Vegas.
  • Median Las Vegas Home Prices Fell From $310,000 In February 2007 To $142,000 In April 2010.
  • Foreclosure Filings Climbed In 75% Of The Nation's Metro Areas During The First Half Of 2010, According To A Report Issued Thursday. . . . Las Vegas Had One Filing For Every 15 Households In The Metro Area.
  • Las Vegas Has The Highest Foreclosure Rate In The Nation.

In addition Harry Reid supported taxpayer funded abortion in the Obama Healthcare bill. His opponent Sharron Angle is a fiscal conservative and strongly pro-life. She is a former educator, state legislator and small businesswoman. Reid has spent ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS in an effort to paint Sharron Angle as an extremist.
In reality it is Reid who is the extremist. His economic policy is that of a left- wing extremist. His record will attest to that.

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