Saturday, November 7, 2009

Video: Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan At House Health Care Debate: 8 Reasons To Vote NO

Rep. Paul Ryan: 8 Reasons To Vote No To Obama/Pelosi Healthcare Bill

  • Will this bill raise the debt and budget deficit? Yes

  • Will this bill take coverage away from seniors? Yes

  • Will this bill raise premiums for families? Yes

  • Will this bill decrease health care innovation? Yes

  • Will it raise taxes on small businesses? Yes

  • Will it raise taxes on workers? Yes

  • Will it cost us nearly 5.5 million jobs when our unemployment rate (under Obama) is 10.2%? Yes

  • Does this bill mean our government will take over running our health care system? Yes


Anonymous said...

Representative Paul D. Ryan (WI)

Current Office: U.S. House
Current District: 1
First Elected: 11/03/1998
Last Elected: 11/04/2008
Next Election: 2010
Party: Republican

Voting Record courtesy of Project Vote Smart dot Org

Military Issues:
10/10/02 Use of Military Force Against Iraq (HJ Res 114) YES

6/16/06 Global War on Terror (H Res 861) YES

9/27/06 Military Commissions Act of 2006 YES

9/29/06 Military Commissions Act of 2006 YES

7/12/07 Redeployment From Iraq Act (HR 2956) NO

8/2/07 Mandatory Troop Rest Periods Between Deployments to Iraq (HR 3159) NO

5/15/08 Iraq Related Provisions such as a troop withdrawal, a permanent base ban, and limiting interrogation techniques (HR 2642) NO

Civil Liberties & Civil Rights:
10/24/01 USA Patriot Act of 2001 (HR 3162) YES

7/21/05 PATRIOT Act reauthorization (HR 3166) YES

12/14/05 PATRIOT Act reauthorization (HR 3166) YES

3/7/06 PATRIOT Act reauthorization (S 2271) YES

9/27/06 Military Commissions Act of 2006 (HR 6166) Yes

9/29/06 Military Commissions Act of 2006 (S 3930) YES

5/17/07 Guantanamo Transfer (H Amdt 197) NO

4/8/07 Foreign Intelligence Acquisition (S 1927) YES

3/14/08 Electronic Foreign Intelligence Surveillence Review Act (HR 3773) NO

6/20/08 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008 (HR 6304) YES

7/16/08 Allowing the Use of Certain Terms in Within the Intelligence Community (H Amdt 1114) YES

4/29/09 Hate Crimes Expansion Act (HR 1913) NO

Business & Consumer Issues:
3/18/04 Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act (HR 1375) YES

4/14/05 Bankruptcy Reform Bill (S 256) YES

11/15/07 Mortgage Reform and Anti-Subprime Lending Act (HR 3915) NO

1/29/08 Economic Stimulus Act (HR 5140) YES

2/7/08 Economic Stimulus Act (HR 5140) YES

3/5/08 Mental Health Coverage Bill (HR 1424) NO

6/24/08 Price Gouging Prevention Act (HR 6346) NO

9/23/08 Credit Card Regulations (HR 5244) NO

9/29/08 First Economic Package (HR 3997) YES

10/3/2008 First Economic Package
(HR 1424) YES

1/21/09 Oversight of the Troubled Asset Relief Package (HR 384) NO

3/5/09 Mortgage Restructuring in Bankruptcy (HR 1106) NO

I do appreciate his consistency on the abortion issues, though. Too bad about all the other.

John Barry said...

The US in my view cannot afford these healthcare proposals. Very soon foreign lenders will shout stop. The Chinese are complaining strongly. The present policy of printing money will eventually trigger hyper inflation and a complete collapse of the dollar. What will fund healthcare then?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your indulgement.

I am very sure the Chinese are complaining strongly because they feel they are pouring good money after bad as they watch the bonus skimming, corruption and human right's violations occurring.

I am very sure the Chinese are particularly sensitive to the US's actions in this area as these are the very same accusations most frequently leveled at them.

I am very sure that the wealth that has been transferred to China and India (most recently) secures the economic future of their nations. However, I am also 100%positive that a politically and socially destabilized United States is the last thing either of those two nations (and their investors) desire.

I am also very sure the Chinese have thought out their strategy carefully.


Come hell & high water, what should our priorities be? The essentials of life are: Food, Water, Shelter, Health Care.

So far, we spend the bulk of money on non-essentials: Military, Para-Military & Weaponry, Investment, Banking, Insurance, Entertainment, Space Exploration, Lobbyists, Information Technology, Hospitality,

True fiscal responsibility recognizes the social obligation first because it is in everybody's best interest to do so.

The War Resisters LeagueFederal Pie Chart

John Barry said...
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John Barry said...

I disagree with you re military spending. The Russians, Chinese and Indians are building up their forces at a frightening pace. If the US neglects its armed forces the balance of power will swing in favour of the Chinese and Russians. They can then blackmail the US. However the US would be better off out of Afghanistan. No foreign power has ever fully conquered Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is a waste of money and lives.
The US can better fight terrorism by utilizing a properly developed Intelligence system.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you love rugby.