Tuesday, November 3, 2009

US Video: Stop the Abortion Mandate. Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion

A video highlighting the largest pro-life coalition ever assembled to fight against the abortion mandate in the current nationalized health care legislation.


rainywalker said...

Agreed. But an aspirin will not be a substute for a pacemaker either. This health care program I'm sure will contribute to breaking our empty federal treasury.

Anonymous said...

While everybody haggles over what does or doesn't get funded, few are noticing the fact that physicians are exiting the stage.

Anonymous said...

This opinion is consistent with what I am hearing with increasing frequency from general practitioners.

John Barry said...

I agree with you rainy. The healthcare proposals will bankrupt a country already staggering under mounting debt.
Wild Gypsy has said that physicians are exiting the stage. So huge trouble ahead on this front also.

Anonymous said...

Lisbon Treaty - Best out of three?

Only seems fair to me.