Saturday, November 7, 2009

Video: Democrat Healthcare Bills if passed will drive out Thousands of Doctors of Conscience

Doctors explain why patient access and care will be severely diminished should the Democrats healthcare plan be passed into law because the necessary conscience protections are not in place for pro-life doctors.

The video features an opening slide asking, "Why could government-run healthcare mean delay or denial of care for you?"

A dial tone followed by sounds of punching in a phone number followed by two rings is heard with a doctor's voice saying, "Doctor’s office, please hold."

Alice Tsai M.D., a pro-life physician, comes on screen to alert viewers: "One of six patients are cared for in a Catholic hospital. Over 600 Catholic hospitals care for patients nationally, in the United States alone. Congress is considering healthcare bills now that could force compassionate, faith-based doctors out of practice."

The voice on the phone then tells the caller, "Please continuing holding. Someone will be with you shortly."
Tsai continues, "Personally I could not practice medicine in good conscience. This would not allow me to deliver the same sort of medical care I would give to my loved ones."

'We are already facing a shortage of doctors and nurses in this country. 65 million people lack adequate access to primary care physicians and the problem is getting worse," the ad says as the caller continues holding. "Now Congress wants to weaken conscience laws protecting doctors who want to practice medicine according to deeply held moral beliefs."

Dr. Sandy Christiansen then appears on screen and says when "you walk into your practice you don't suddenly check your conscience, what you believe to be right and wrong, at the door, so you bring that into the way you practice and that is actually of value to patients."

She says, "But if thousands of doctors quit because the lack of conscience protections, who will care for them?"

"If healthcare reform passes as it stands, millions of patients will flood the system," the ad warns. "But if thousands of doctors quit because the lack of conscience protections, who will care for them?"

The ad concludes: "Tell your elected officials that you cannot support any health reform plan if it does not include protection of a doctor’s right to practice medicine according to his/her conscience" and provides the group's web site,


Wild Gypsy said...

I went through your blog archives last night and loved the retrospective.

First, I want to say that your situation in Ireland seems very precarious to me.

I put a comment in the Joseph Meany article and will add another on policy a bit later.

Have a great day!

John Barry said...

The Irish Government is borrowing 400 million Euro per week to balance the books. Another savage budget is due next month. Looks like 3 more years of sackcloth and ashes. Not a pretty prospect. This is what happens when governments fail top control public expenditure in time. A similar situation is developing in the UK. In the US the Obama’s policy of quadrupling the deficit could lead to problems similar to those obtaining in Ireland. Ireland has also been hit by a property bubble, which has burst. Also banks are in serious trouble having lent irresponsibly.