Thursday, November 5, 2009

Iran Video: People fighting anti-riot police, Tehran 4 Nov 09

People are preparing to fight againts anti-riot police in a street in Tehran, while chanting slogans like "Allaho Akbar", "Death to Dictator", "Khamenei is a murderer", "Iranian Republic" until police and anti-riot police rush on their motorbikes to scatter the crowd

Video: Student Protest in Tabriz University, 4 Nov 09

Students in Tabriz University protesting and chanting against the coup government on 4 Nov 09


rainywalker said...

Many in the world think the fight is gone out of the people. But you and I know better. This will never end until the last fighter is dead and that just isn't going to happen. I believe they have not ask for military support from any country. Only moral support. These young and old people are some of the new hero's of the 21st Century. I know you live in the United Kingdom but they remind me of the Americans in 1765 and like then the governmemt has no idea what they are dealing with.

John Barry said...

I dont live in the UK. I live in Ireland (Republic of Ireland) This is independent of the UK since 1921. The NE of Ireland is still under English rule. Hopefully we may see a united Ireland in the not too distant future. I agree with you concerning Iran. The younger generation will not be silenced. It is only a matter of time until the tyrants ruling Iran will be overthrown. Time is not on their side.