Monday, December 15, 2008

Zimbabwe: Fears grow for the safety of abducted Human Rights activists as repression grows

There are fears for the safety of
Jestina Mukoko (left), director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) who was abducted from her home in Harare on December 3 when fifteen armed men in plain clothes broke into her family home. Her son witnessed the abduction.

Two of Mukoko’s colleagues were seized from their offices on December 8. Their whereabouts are also unknown. In the last six weeks, 22 opposition or civil rights activists have been seized and not heard from since.

The ZPP, a human rights organization has been documenting human rights violations by the Mugabe regime and its henchmen.
Human rights have drastically deteriorated in Zimbabwe, Caritas Internationalis reports.
People are being indirectly denied food and clean water, health care, and education. The police and army have shot illegal diamond miners, while more than seventy people have been arrested at trade union protests.
Reportedly, civil society activists have been detained after peaceful protests and human rights advocates have been systematically targeted and detained...

Please take this online action demanding the release of Jestina Mukoko.
A recording of an interview with Jestina Mukoko when she visited Ireland is available via Trocaire. The interview was conducted by George Hook on Newstalk

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Tom SVDP said...

Hello John, this Zimbabwe news is discouraging. Let's hope these human rights activists are okay. What a horrible government they have and then to blame other countries for their colera epidemic.

I had to add a note here, on a personal note, I use to play on and there seems to be a John Barry from England I think, he's quite into golfing and he plays on that site. One can get a week free, you could look him up, I think he is still there.

But really, this Zimbabwe affair is a story that seems to get a lot of attention in the home nations over there, as I'm writing from the USA.