Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Burma- It is time for Military Intervention by the US, UK and France to ensure delivery and distribution of humanitatian aid

Almost two weeks have passed since Cyclone Nargis struck Burma. But aid and relief agencies forecast that less than 30 % of victims are reachable and that less than 10 % of foods and aids have been distributed. Millions of survivors are still waiting in the flooded swamps crippled by disease and starvation. Meanwhile the international community is still waiting at the gate to donate money and foodstuffs.

Today EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said before an emergency meeting of EU ministers in Brussels that the international community should use all possible means to deliver aid to victims of the Burma cyclone.
He also stated that the United Nations charter could be used to facilitate the delivery of foreign aid to Burma if as seems likely the Burmese Junta continues to obstruct delivery of foreign aid.

Nearly three years ago at a summit celebrating the UN’s 60th birthday, 171 nations agreed that they would intervene, forcefully if necessary, if a state failed to protect its own people. So the UN promised that- if a government abused or neglected its own people-it would step in. Apparently there would be no more genocides such as those witnessed in Rwanda.
Unfortunately the UN has failed to fulfil its promise and Javier Solana's comments are too little too late. The time for talking has ended.

It is now time for the US, the UK and France to intervene militarily to ensure delivery and distribution of foreign aid. The Bush regime would go out on a high. This would mark a high point in the Bush Presidency. It would also help negative much of the bad publicity emanating from Iraq. It would be a win win situation for the US and the people of Burma.
It is now or never.
As the following illustrates the Butchers of Rangoon are beyond redemption.
According to Mizzima News

"military rulers imposed new restrictions on foreign and Burmese aid workers trying to enter the country's cyclone-hit Irrawaddy Delta. They have also banned journalists and the use of cameras.The secret order was told to Burmese businessmen – who are assigned to help with the reconstruction of Rangoon and the Irrawaddy Delta – on Tuesday by Prime Minister Lt-Gen Thein Sein during a meeting at the Rangoon Military Command.A source close to the military told Mizzima, "Thein Sein yesterday stated that no foreigners will be allowed to go to the delta. Even for these [Burmese] companies, no cameras will be allowed."…………

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