Sunday, January 27, 2013

Post Abortion Syndrome: A woman explains her experience

Last Sunday the Sunday World carried a letter from a woman who suffering Post Abortion Syndrome. Here are a few brief excerpts:

"My story may help someone to be strong against the pressure and coercion that is heaped on a girl or woman who has a crisis pregnancy....I am one of the many women who has gone to England for an abortion....I am also one of the women who suffers from Post Abortion Syndrome - depression, low self esteem etc...."I recently found a website called "Rachel's Vineyard" and the founder of "Rachel's Vineyard" has a book written about the unresolved pain of abortion. "That book has been a God send. It even prompted me to go talk to a priest and ask for absolution for my sin. This has given me some peace in my heart. The priest was fabulous, elderly, and so unexpectedly understanding and forgiving. I came away that day lighter in my heart for the first time in nearly thirty years.

"Maybe there are girls out there who are one hundred per cent happy with their decision to have an abortion, but I am not one of them. Our voice (the ones who regret it) is not heard in the media."

In another letter the author added these words: "My ex says abortion is a crime against humanity... Both of us would un-do our decision if we could; we can't unfortunately; all we can do is hope we meet our child in Heaven someday." READ FULL LETTER HERE

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