Thursday, January 10, 2013

Abortion: Bacik Self Destructs In ‘Hate Women’ Attack on Bishops

The final day of the Oireachtas hearings into the Government’s plan to have legislation and regulation to allow for abortion where a mother’s life is at risk saw an astonishing outburst by Labour Party Senator Ivana Bacik. She made an outrageous attack on the Bishops in relation to their stance on abortion. In her book you are misogynistic(hate women) if you are a single male who defends the right to life of the unborn.

Ms Bacik accused the Catholic Bishops of opposing the legislation on the basis of “misogyny towards women” (defined as as hatred of women by men) and a belief in the “innate deceitfulness of women”. “Can you say what business it is of a Church whose members are entirely and exclusively male and celibate to pronounce in such absolutist terms on such a critical issue in terms of reproductive rights for both women and girls?” she asked.(Irish Independent)
  • Bacik never mentions the life of the unborn child in any discussion on abortion. It's as if the child does not exist where she is concerned. In this she is aided and abetted by the media which fails to challenge her on the right to life of the unborn child. At today's Oireachtas hearings she was true to form. She mouths platitudes about women's rights. She favours the intentional killing of the unborn child in the womb. Period. The unborn have no rights as far as she is concerned. Quite frankly her pronouncements on this issue are chilling. Her personalised attack today betrays the weakness of her arguments. It was in bad taste. She is intellectually arrogant and smug. She displays the intolerance typical of the Dublin 4 liberal. No doubt pro-lifers are rednecks as far as she is concerned. The problem for Bacik was that the Bishop Jones articulated clearly the Catholic position on abortion: Women who suffer from a serious physical illness are entitled to all treatment necessary to save their lives. Sometimes the child may unintentionally die in the course of this treatment. This is both pro-woman and pro-child. Today Bacik played the man and not the ball. She lost because of the shallowness of her arguments. Lucky for her the media has largely ignored the outburst. Now I wonder why? On second thoughts it is quite obvious why. Bacik blew up because her pro-abortion arguments were demolished today.
  • Ms.Bacik has a problem with celibate men pronouncing on the abortion issue. One wonders has she the same problem with celibate men who are psychiatrists/psychologists who may be dealing with problems of married couples.
  • Bacik as an atheist appears to detest Catholicism-indeed all religion.
  • Bacik wishes to eradicate religion from the Irish school system.
Speaking at the World Atheist Convention in Dublin on 3rd June 2011 she said:
In school, you teach; in church, you preach.’ You shouldn’t mix the two. In Ireland and in other countries, there has been too much preaching in schools for far too long.

Now if only atheists like Bacik could eradicate all religion from the Irish school system the way would be clear for the indoctrination of students with atheist junk. A climate of opinion favourable to a liberal abortion regime could be created. Today's scurrilous attack was aimed at depowering the bishops. With the bishops neutralised or weakened it is much easier to plot the way forward on the road to unrestricted abortion. Who in the Irish media will challenge Bacik's outrageous behaviour?

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