Monday, January 14, 2013

On RTE One John Bruton demolishes X-Case arguments on suicide

Former Taoiseach John Bruton speaking on RTE radio 1(Sunday) about government plans to legislate on the X-case demolished the argument for legalisation of abortion on the grounds of a suicide threat. Mr Bruton represents the views of the overwhelming majority of FG supporters on the ground. Are you listening Mr.Kenny? Are you listening Mr. Reilly? FG backbenchers wake up: Stop the liberal clique of Reilly, Fitzgerald and Shatter in their tracks. If Enda Kenny lacks the bottle to stand up to this clique and to the Labour Party REPLACE him as leader. You have the votes. Do not be bullied. You know the proposed legislation is wrong. This controversy is not going to go away even if the government rams through pro-abortion legislation. In fact it will dog the government for the rest of its term in office.

John Bruton said:

"...Well, a possibility is never equal to a certainty. All you can ever say about suicidal ideation is that there is a possibility that it might be fulfilled, whereas in the case of a termination you have the certainty of the ending of that other life . ... "...when you actually look at the words in the constitution which talk to an equal right to life ... I believe this is a fundamental human rights issue, the less visible the person is, the more their human rights ought to be vindicated."

Abortion is not a treatment for suicide. Under no circumstances should abortion be allowed on the suicide threat. Abortion is the final "solution". There is no comeback for the innocent unborn child. Lets assume that a woman is suicidal. She has an abortion on suicide grounds. What happens when depression lifts? She suddenly realises that she has no child. She will never forgive herself. It is also about time that the catastrophic mental and physical consequences of abortion for women are addressed.

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