Friday, April 27, 2012

US:Planned Parenthood’s three big losses in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary elections

Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B Anthony List Pro-Life Organisation outlines in RedState how Planned Parenthood suffered three big losses in last Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary elections – both in the Altmire/Critz Congressional race, and in the two state legislative races.
An untold story today following yesterday’s Pennsylvania primaries is what a bad, bad night it was for Planned Parenthood. In Pennsylvania’s 134th House district, they spent an eye-popping $100,000 on a TV ad campaign trying to sink the candidacy of Republican Ryan Mackenzie by linking him to ultrasound legislation that was before the legislature. As Politico noted, this was seen as a trial-balloon of sorts: Most state legislative races and ad campaigns don’t necessarily have any larger resonance, but Democrats have been working to make the ultrasound bill the kind of liability for Republicans in Pennsylvania that a related proposal became for Republicans in Virginia. That trial balloon popped when MacKenzie cruised to victory by an 18-point margin, 59 percent to 41 percent..Continue reading HERE

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