Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ireland: Socialist Party in shameful effort to introduce Abortion

The Dáil has been debating a Socialist Party Private Members' Bill which calls  for abortion services to be introduced here - in line with the 1992 Supreme Court decision in the X-case.The 1992 Supreme Court ruling established the right of Irish women to an abortion if a pregnant woman's life was at risk because of pregnancy, including the risk of suicide. The Supreme Court decision  is at odds with the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Irish people.   The use of suicide as grounds for an abortion is outrageous.
This amounts to  liberal abortion of the most extreme  kind.

Even  the UN accepts  that Ireland is the  safest  country world to have a baby. All  treatments necessary for a woman's physical well being are available where her life is at risk.  When  ANY medical condition arises during pregnancy, such as cancer or ectopic pregnancy, doctors in Ireland will ALWAYS treat the mother even if that gives rise to the unintentional death of their baby. That’s because the object of this treatment is to save the mother, not to kill the baby. These medical treatments are NOT abortion, and it’s dishonest and cruel to pretend otherwise.

People such as Claire Daly of the Socialist Party and Independents such as Mick Wallace mouth platitudes about human rights. The most basic and fundamental right of all is the right to life. Yet Trotskyites such as  Daly wish to  set that at nought.
They wish to declare war on the unborn.

Abortion is wrong because it is the  deliberate killing of the innocent unborn child. There is nothing more barbaric than abortion. Unborn children are not a commodity that can be disposed of at the whim of a parent. Daly and  the Socialist Party  with their pro- abort allies mouth platitudes about choice. They call themselves "pro-choice". They  seek to give abortion (the killing of an unborn child ) equal status with maintenance of  life.  What an abomination? Their  logic is deeply flawed. The unborn child has an  right to life. Just take a look at an ultrasound. Unborn children have perfectly formed  features of a human being.  Ms Daly argues for abortion which involves tearing the unborn child  to pieces. It is murder whether legalised by the state or otherwise. It is time for the unvarnished truth. Ms Daly and her Trotskyite Socialist Party speak about compassion. There  is nothing compassionate about executing an unborn child. It  is time for pro- life people drop the use of terms so beloved of pro -aborts such as "pro-choice" and "termination". These terms  are designed to camouflage the reality of abortion. The pro- aborts love the use of sanitised language. They claim that the woman should have the right to have a child aborted (killed) if she finds that the pregnancy discommodes her. There is not one word from them  about the innocent unborn child. It has a God given right to life. Of course the unborn child suffers great pain in the course of an abortion. These pro-aborts will condemn cruelty to animals but will justify the killing of the unborn.

They refuse to accept that adoption  is  the logical option for any woman who does not wish to keep the child. They  also fail to consider the severe physical and psychological damage done to many women by abortion.

“Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”-Ronald Reagan
 Thankfully this Private Members Bill will be voted down by the Government parties.


Kevin said...

A bit drastic to say "They wish to declare war on the unborn". Also, you're not female, how can you even think you know what it would be like to go through this, and why then do you wish to force your beliefs on people?

People should have the legal right to choose, even if it is against whatever values you yourself have. Great to see the mindset of Ireland still being behind the times.

John Barry said...

Abortion is wrong because it is the deliberate killing of an unborn child. You completely ignore the rights of the unborn child to life as does the Socialist Party. Abortion is a curse which has damaged women's health both physically and psychologically. It is linked to increased rates of breast cancer and infertility and birth abnormalities. You wont hear Claire Daly and the Socialist Party speak about that though.
The Fifth Commandment state "Thou shall not kill".
The Socialist Party wants liberal abortion in Ireland. It is time for the majority to stand up and be counted and stop this.
You talk about right to choose.
No country should facilitate the deliberate killing of the unborn.
The Socialist Paty mouths platitudes about human rights. The most basic human right of all is the right to life of the unborn.

Kevin said...
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John Barry said...
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Not John Barry said...

Also: "linked to increased rates of breast cancer and infertility and birth abnormalities."

The reason you won't hear about it, is because it's propaganda spouted by anti-abortion groups, with no medical evidence.

John Barry said...

A List of Major Physical Complications of Abortion

I always delete abusive comments from New Zealand

Not John Barry said...

I'd only actually believe facts John, generally WHO will have accurate statistics, and they employ Doctors with medical degrees.

The Breast Cancer Hypothesis

Nice one on the censorship regarding deleting my comment. I'm not really that shocked either, I see you've adopted the defacto line in suppressing people's opinions whom you do not agree with.