Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ireland: American Chamber call for 'Yes' vote in Referendum on EU Fiscal Stability Treaty

The  American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland today called for a "Yes" vote, saying that it will provide the certainty needed for a more robust, stable Irish economy.
The American Chamber's Campaign was launched today by Peter O'Neill, its
President and Managing Director of IBM Ireland, together with American Chamber
Board members, Louise Phelan, (Vice President, Global Operations EMEA at
PayPal), Peter Keegan, (1st Vice President of the American Chamber and Country
Executive of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Ireland) and Cathriona Hallahan,
(Managing Director of Microsoft EMEA Operations Centre ...

Mr. O'Neill said that the perspective of US multinational investors in 
Ireland is that a Yes Vote will promote stability, investment and growth in the 
Irish economy.
"By voting 'Yes', we will maintain our position as an attractive location for 
investment, continue to put in place necessary economic and budgetary reforms 
and preserve our strategically important place in Europe," he said.
A 'Yes 'vote will reassure international investors that Ireland is dealing with its fiscal problems and is stabilising its economy and it will help protect Ireland as a location for foreign investment," he said
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