Monday, March 12, 2012

US: Eight different lawsuits launched against the Obama administration to block the unjust HHS mandate

The eight lawsuits so far, are:

November 10, 2011 Belmont Abbey College v. Sebelius
December 21, 2011 Colorado Christian University v. Sebelius
February 9, 2012 Eternal Word Television Network v. Sebelius

February 15, 2012 Priests for Life v. Sebelius
February 20, 2012 Louisiana College v. Sebelius
February 21, 2012 Ave Maria University v. Sebelius

February 21, 2012 Geneva College v. Sebelius
February 23, 2012 Bruning v. Sebelius
(This is the one whose plaintiffs include the states of Nebraska, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.)
This is a fight not alone for freedom of religion but also for freedom of speech

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rainywalker said...

There will be more before its over.