Thursday, March 15, 2012

UN: Irish Family Planning Association Hypocrisy on Abortion

Ireland was criticised by a lobby group today at a UN human rights review in Geneva for rejecting other states' recommendations on abortion.

A delegate speaking on behalf of the Irish Family Planning Association told a hearing that the State's "restrictive regulation" of abortion was "astonishing".
She said Ireland had rejected six recommendations from peer countries: Spain, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia. It was "astonishing in a State that expresses such respect for human rights", she added (Irish Times)
The Irish Family Planning Association  and kindred organisations have used every stratagem possible to foist  abortion on the Irish people.  This  trip to the UN is another plank in the campaign. They pro -aborts in Ireland are small in number but very vociferous. And of course they have much media support. Thankfully the majority is strongly  opposed to abortion in Ireland

So the delegate finds  Ireland's rejection of abortion astonishing does she? She is unhappy that we  are prepared to ignore the dictates of other counties on abortion is she?  I have news for the Irish Family Planning Association.  The Irish people will not accept dictation from the UN on the abortion issue. What an obscenity to  demand the provision of abortion as a human right. The most basic human right of all is the right to life.  Abortion is the deliberate killing of the innocent  unborn child in the womb. Sadly in this world the womb is now the most dangerous abode for a child. In  fact 52 million  babies are aborted annually. To  put it bluntly they are executed.  The The Irish Family Planning Association  has the neck to call the execution of the unborn  child  "a human right". Lets be blunt: Abortion is murder. It is a money making racket that destoys women and children. It is not a human right. It is a crime against humanity. The abortion clinics are the modern gas chambers.  Abortion is the new Holocaust. It is time to cut  off the flow of taxpayers money to the  Irish Family Planning Association . It can be better spent in schools and hospitals.

 Clearly the UN has lost its way.  It  has now become a vehicle to promote the killing of the unborn. Meanwhile it turns a blind eye to real human rights abuses in many dictatorships.

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