Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ireland:Joe Higgins/Sinn Fein Misinformation on Household charge

Joe Higgins/Sinn Fein and various independent TDs are engaged in a despicable misinformation campaign on the Household charge.  On TV, Radio, in the print media and at public meetings throughout the country  they  claim that the money will be used to pay off bondholders. Of course this is utter nonsense. Ireland this year will have a budget  deficit of c 17 billion euro. In short it is BORROWING  €17 billion to fund Social Welfare, Health, Education, Transport et al.  Put it another way. One euro in every three spent by the government to fund Social Welfare, Health, Education, Transport  is BORROWED.  None of the money raised by this charge  goes to bondholders. It goes to the Local Authorities to help provide  services.
In fact bondholders  since 2008 have been paid from the National Pension Reserve Fund and BORROWING.  How could the government pay off bondholders from existing taxes which are not sufficient to fully fund  state spending on Social Welfare, Health, Education, Transport WITHIN  Ireland?

The anti Household Charge campaigners seek to sabotage efforts to stabilise  the public finances.  Make no mistake about it.  This is an effort to cripple the country financially and instal a Trotskyite form of government.  Shame on the  Far Left as it  seeks to sink our economy  with a brand of politics more akin to that found in North Korea.  It is in  the interests of all that our public finances are put on a firm footing.
The Socialist Party led by Joe Higgins is a Trotskyite  Party. Its ideals are anathema to 99% of the Irish people.  Sinn Fein  in power in Northern  Ireland supports an average  household charge of €1500 yet in the South it opposes a €100  household charge. It is playing with fire.  Quite frankly any TD who incites people to break the  law should be expelled from the  Dail PERMANENTLY.

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rainywalker said...

Borrowing will get us all in trouble when someone realizes it's payback time. But then it will be to late.